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Gymnastic vaulting buck produced by Artimex Sport.
The 4 legs are made of square profile steel, with adjustable height from 90 to 130 cm (every 5 cm). The height can be adjusted by means of spring-loaded rosettes attached to each leg.

Thus the gymnastic head can be used by children or adults.
The upper part is made of pressed wood and sponge, covered with synthetic leather.Available colours upper part :Blue,red,black,green,grey.Other colours on request.
The feet are provided with non-slip material.

The dimensions of the box are
Height 29 cm
Length 50 cm
Width 31.5 cm.

Other dimensions on request.
Ideal for physical education classes 

See leg height adjustment (spring rosette)

10 years warranty.

Gymnastic Vaulting Buck, school model, code 215

SKU: 215
  • Sizes: 90-130 cm

    Warranty: 10 years

    Delivery: 7-14 days

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