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How do we choose a WALL BAR?

When choosing a trellis it is good to consider the following:

1. What height and width to choose for the trellis?

If we have a height of 180 cm, we cannot choose a 200 cm high trellis.

We must bear in mind that there are types of exercises that are done with the hands raised.

So we take into account the length of the arms.

2. What material should the wall bar be made of?

All Artimex UK products are tested by TÜV Rheinland Germany.

We have a choice of washers:

- with laminated spruce sides and beech bars (253-8, 253, 221, 221-reha, 262, 216, 250)

- with beech sides and beech bars (253-REHA, 221F, 221-F-Reha, 216F, 280)

- with oak sides and oak bars (221E, 279, 279R)

- all-metal wall bars (221-Metal, 221-Gladiator, 231-Gladiator-90

All these types of wall bars are heavy duty.

The disadvantage of the spruce-sided one is that if you accidentally hit it with a hard object, it leaves a mark. This is not the case with beech and oak wall bars as they are hard woods.

The choice of the type of wall bar also depends on the furniture in the room where the trellis is to be installed.

3. How do we choose the wall bar? With round or oval bars?

Depending on the size of the hand of the user.

For example, children or people with smaller hands should choose washers with round bars. People with larger hands should use oval bars.

4. How do we choose the wall where to mount the wall bar?

First of all we need to consider a wall that is resistant to weight.

Secondly, it is best to mount it in an area with good light.

5. Why choose a wooden or metal wall bar?

Usually those who choose metal wall bars are CrossFit or Body Building trainers or people who have done gymnastics or fitness on metal machines.

Those who choose for the home are more likely to opt for wooden washboards.

6. Do we choose a wall bars with space on top or a wall bars without space?

There are exercises that need a backrest at the top (e.g. 221, 253).

For example, when you are hanging the third bar supports your back and the space is for headroom.

For medical recovery it is useful that the bars are continuous and only the last bar sticks out slightly (e.g. 221-REHA, 221-F-REHA).

7. How do we choose the wall fixing?

With metal collars or with slats (i.e. rectangular pipe on metal ones)?

Both versions are resistant. It's more a matter of taste or the wall you have available.

If you want the distance to the wall to be greater than the standard distance, please specify this when you place your order.

The washbasin can also be fixed to the floor or ceiling.

8. I found a wall bar that I like but I would like another size

We produce custom made backboards in any size.You must bear in mind that the width of the simple ones cannot exceed 110 cm. If you want a wider one please choose a double backboard.

There is no limit to the width of metal washbasins.

There is no height limit. But please take into account that when you receive the back splash it must fit in the room where you want to install it.

When you order a trellis please take into account that it needs to be installed in the room where you want to install it.

If you have a room height of 270 cm, do not buy a 270 cm high back splash. Always leave a margin of 3-4 cm.

Also the distance between the horizontal bars of the trellis can be made to your request. This is generally 13 cm.

9. How is the wall bar mounted?

The wallbar is easily mounted to the wall, with all accessories included (screws, dowels, etc).

For each type of wall bar you will find a video with the mounting of the wall washer in the description.

Very important: before using the wall bar please do a resistance test.

10. What is the distance from the horizontal bars to the wall?

The distance for wooden trellises is 8 cm and 12 cm for metal trellises.

This distance is sufficient, but if a greater distance from the wall is desired, this can be achieved.

Thank you for choosing Artimex UK wallbars and if you have any further questions, please contact us by email or phone.

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