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Introducing the Dip Bars for Wall Bars by Artimex Sport, your ultimate solution for versatile and effective upper body and core training right in the comfort of your home gym.

Designed specifically to be mounted onto Wall Bars, these Dip Bars offer a comprehensive workout experience, allowing you to perform regular dips as well as modified dips with your feet still on the floor. Target your chest, shoulders, and abs with ease, achieving your fitness goals efficiently.

With user convenience in mind, these Dip Bars are incredibly easy to hook into place and remove, ensuring hassle-free setup and storage. Each set consists of two sturdy metal devices with padding and ergonomic handles, providing both comfort and durability throughout your workout sessions.

Featuring two hand grips for added stability, these Dip Bars boast a robust weight capacity of up to 125 kg, accommodating a wide range of users with confidence. Weighing just 5 kg (freight weight 6 kg), they are lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, perfect for intense training sessions.

Choose from a range of colors including black, orange, or white (other colors available upon request), allowing you to customize your home gym to your personal style.

Rest assured knowing that your Swedish ladder dip bars are protected by high-density foam, ensuring comfort and safety during your workouts. Plus, with rubber protection on the metal hooks, you can trust that your vertical bar will remain undamaged.

Backed by a 10-year warranty, you can trust in the quality and durability of these Dip Bars, manufactured by Artimex Sport, a name synonymous with excellence in fitness equipment.

Transform your home gym experience and take your training to the next level with the Dip Bars for Wall Bars by Artimex Sport.

Dip bars for Swedish Ladder, code 270-FI

SKU: 270-FI

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