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Introducing ELITE Double Layer Tiles, a modular sports surface measuring 30.48×30.48×1.58 cm. The double layer consists of polypropylene tiles, available in multiple colors, allowing for easy creation of a functional surface for basketball, badminton, tennis, or even a small home playground.


High performance in shock absorption and ball bounce (up to 93%) Non-slip even on rainy days Special back structure and buckles make the tiles more stable Excellent weather resistance: -40℃ – 70℃. Environmentally friendly: 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and odorless material No special care, maintenance, or cleaning required UV resistance Easy installation, no special tools or glue needed – built-in locking system Mobility – the surface can be used multiple times in different locations THICKNESS: 6.1 CM


AVAILABLE COLORS: Red, blue, green, dark green, yellow, orange, gray.

Installation available within the UK territory. For a concrete price offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Multisport Modular Floor made of polypropylene, with code FL889


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