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Introducing the Oak Wall Bar (Swedish Ladder) from Artimex Sport! Made with 2 stringers of oak join timber and 14 oval bars constructed from oak wood, this bar measures 2.1 x 1 m and has a code of 221-100-E. The oval bars feature a size of 40 x 30 mm (with round rungs ø 36 mm available upon request at no extra charge), and are mounted to both sides using wood screws on the back. Additionally, the top rung is offset for added convenience. Perfect for gymnastics and fitness enthusiasts alike, this wall bar is an excellent addition to any workout space.

The four metal angle brackets can be attached either to the inside or to the outside part of the side bars of the wall bar system.The Swedish ladder can also be installed in rooms with skirting boards, using 5 cm thick wooden spacers. Upon request, we deliver thicker spacers, at no extra charge.

Wall bars could be delivered with two wood slats ( mounting boards ) for installing on the Wall, 33 mm thick. No additional charge.

Installation hardware included. There are numerous flexibility exercises you may do on stall bars. Great for individual and group training..Weight capacity 150 kg (it mean that every single horizontal rod can support this weight). Warranty 20 years.Dimensions: 210 x 100 cm (Other dimensions on request).Weight 20 kg.Comply with DIN EN 1234.Shipped unassembled. Easy to assemble.Stall bars can be installed on stud framing with the supplied slats. Drilling for proper framing location is required.All wood products are lacquered with environmentally friendly water-based lacquers.

Oak wall bar (Swedish Ladder), 2.1x1 m, code 221-100-E


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