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Introducing the Artimex Sport Gymnastic Wall Bars, designed to elevate your workout experience with premium craftsmanship and versatile functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these wall bars feature two stringers constructed from durable oak join timber, ensuring stability and longevity.

The wall bars boast 14 oval bars made from high-quality oak wood, each measuring 40 x 30 mm, providing a comfortable grip for various exercises. What sets these bars apart is the thoughtful design of the top rungs, with one positioned to protrude slightly outward and the other angled inward, allowing for a wide range of suspension exercises and passive cervical tractions.

For added customization, the top and third rungs can be offset at no extra charge, accommodating your specific training preferences. Plus, installation is hassle-free, even in rooms with skirting boards, thanks to the four spacers included for attachment to the rear side.

Whether you're engaging in solo workouts or group training sessions, the Artimex Sport Swedish ladder offers unparalleled versatility. Explore a myriad of flexibility exercises and strength-building routines tailored to your fitness goals.

With a weight capacity of 140 kg and a sturdy construction weighing 25 kg, this Swedish ladder is built to withstand rigorous use while providing peace of mind with a generous 20-year warranty. Measuring 230 x 85 x 11 cm and compliant with DIN EN 1234 standards, it's ideal for home gyms, fitness studios, and rehabilitation centers.

Shipped unassembled for convenience, each package includes comprehensive assembly instructions for easy setup. Prior to purchase, we recommend reviewing our suggestions to ensure the perfect fit for your training needs.

Unlock your full potential with the Artimex Sport Gymnastic Wall Bars – Code 221-E. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of FREE UK shipping, making it easier than ever to elevate your fitness routine.

Oak wall bar (Swedish Ladder), model Sheffield, 230x85 cm, cod 221-E


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