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Spectator stands model 225-color , manufactured by Artimex Sport, made of 40×40 mm rectangular pipe, electrostatically painted, with a capacity of 45 seats, red, yellow and blue. The bleacher is composed of 3 independent modules, with a staircase in the middle.
The stands are 9 m long (composed of 3 equal modules) and 1.87 m deep.
The seating consists of 45 seats with backrest.
The floor is made of weatherproof Tego. On request the floor can be made of a ribbed aluminium structure.
On request the grandstand can be made in other sizes or colours depending on your project.

IMPORTANT: The chairs with backrest are not delivered assembled on the bleacher, but are accompanied by the necessary screws!!!

Warranty 5 years.
Delivery time 14-21 days.



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