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The fitness equipment Supergym manufactured by Artimex Sport is a multifunctional Swedish ladder designed to help you perform more then 100 exercises for all muscle groups (deltoids, pectorals, tricepses, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, bicepses, flexors, abdominals, quadriceps, biceps femoris, gluteal muscles etc.).
It is a complex equipment for fitness exercises, covering the whole range of striated muscles, ideal for home use, fitness centers or medical rehabilitation. Being installed on walls, it occupies a small area, while the space required by training could be considerably restricted.

  • It includes:
  • Round beech rung which allows at its both ends the attachement of the two steel cables, thus enabling enabling a whole variety of exercises involving back muscles, shoulder, pectoral, abdominal muscles and so on.
  • Abdominal bench. The cushion on the abdominal bench is movable back and forth in horizontal direction (it travels on the 2 aluminium rails mounted on the bench). The abdominal bench could be attached to the Swedish ladder (if the Swedish ladder is not used, space is saved). When you intend to use the bench for additional gymnastic exercises, you can easily remove from the equipment the movable cushion and place it beside the ladder.
    Seat cover color blue, black, red, orange, grey. Other color on request. Custom seat cover in natural tan leather on request.
  • The PVC covered steel cables and the 4 pulleys installed on the top and bottom are calibrated so as to resist to a far bigger tension than that of the weights attached to the equipment. The pulley specifications and their design make possible performing of exercises with wide angles (allow rotation around axis).
  • 22 steel weights  (see video )(11 on each side). Each one has 2 kg. The weights could beremoved or added, and that's why the Swedish ladder may be used with weights starting from 4 kg up to 40 kg (upon request, the weight number could be increased, due to equipment calibration of required tension).
  • Wall mount fittings
  • The 2 metal hooks fixed on both sides serve for hanging the wooden handles when you don't use the Swedish ladder.

Entirely made of beech wood, the Supergym Sweddish ladder is lacquered with eco lacquer.
Upon request, it could be made of oak or in different sizes, other than the standard one, according to the space available.
Delivered assembled.

Please take into account the structure of the wall that will support the Swedish ladder, as it should meet proper resistance requirements (brick, concrete).
Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.4 m with 14 oval beech bars (Ø 40 x 30 mm) (round rungs in request).
See technical drawing.
Fixing on the wall with 3 wood beech slats.

Stall bars can be installed on stud framing with the supplied slats. Drilling for proper framing location is required.

Weight capacity 150 kg.
Ship weight 100 Kg.
Warranty 20 years

Supergym multi wall bar (Swedish Ladder), 240x140 cm, Code 280


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