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Artimex Sport Gymnastic Wall bars , stall bars , swedish ladder ,  have 2 stringers made from metal (60 x 40 mm).
Oval bars 20 pieces, made from beech timber wood and have Ø 40 x 30 mmRound Rungs (Ø 36 mm) on request, no aditional cost.
Projection of the top part is 80 cm.
The mounting of bars to both sides of the product is performed by using wood screws on the back side.

Ideal for Home use or Therapy clinics.
Solid montage on the Wall with 8 metal brackets.

With 3 welded loops on each lateral side to attach springs for particular exercises.
Shipped unassembledEasy to assemble
Weight capacity 150 kg (it mean that every single horizontal rod can support this weight).
Warranty 20 years.
Dimensions: 240 x 90 cm.
Other dimensions on request.
Weight 30 kg.

Wall bars metal/wood, 2.4x0.9 m, code 277

SKU: 277